Charlie Rose: The rise and plummet of a man who preached ‘character’ and ‘integrity’


Another casualty in the sexual harassment “terror,” Charlie Rose.

(From The Washington Post)

Swallowed up in the baggy academic robes of Georgetown University, Charlie Rose stood before the school’s graduating class of 2015, shifting into the final moments of a commencement speech on lessons learned from one of the most celebrated careers in broadcast journalism.

“Think ahead to the end of your life,” he told the graduates. “And think about what you would like to be remembered for at the end of your life. It’s not honor. It’s not prestige. It is character. It is integrity. It is truth. It is doing the right thing. It’s hard to imagine or think about that when you’re 22. It’s easy when you’re 73.”

Two years later, exactly what Rose will be “remembered for” is now an open question.

On Monday, The Washington Post reported on a string of sexual assault allegations against the 75-year-old television host, including unwanted advances, groping, lewd phone calls and other improprieties. Eight women, both former employees on Rose’s eponymous talk show and aspiring journalists, told The Post about their experiences with him, as well as their fears that speaking out against the famed host could ruin their careers.

Is there any doubt it would have ruined their careers?

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