‘Creep list’ of men known for inappropriate behavior circulates in Congress: report


Capitol Hill is a young person’s place. And it is a single person’s place. There are thousands of young ambitious staffers and lots of opportunity for – trouble.

Since the Weinstein thing broke I’ve been thinking about all the folks in Washington DC who’ve got to be sweating it right now. There are many many uneasy powerful people in our nation’s capital these days. Many of these people probably also called Trump anti-woman.

(From The Hill)

Staff say an unwritten “creep list” of lawmakers and other Capitol Hill employees known for unwanted or inappropriate sexual behavior is being circulated through word-of-mouth, according to a new report in CNN.

The list keeps track of the male members most known for their inappropriate behavior in the offices, where one former House aide said that many men “have no self-control” around their female colleagues.

More than 50 Hill staffers and lawmakers told CNN that they have experienced sexual harassment or unwanted advances while working in Congress.

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