Ex-UAW Member Launches Group to Combat Compelled Dues


Closed shop. It still happens all the time in some parts of the country.

(From The Washington Free Beacon)

A veteran autoworker has launched a new group to encourage reform at his former union.

Terry Bowman, a Ford line worker who spent decades as a dues-paying member of the United Auto Workers union, has long criticized the labor organization for its political activities. He is now attempting to take that criticism nationwide with the group Moving Unions Forward.

Bowman said the organization aims to move unions toward a direction focused on employees and membership, rather than the organization’s influence.

“As a longtime union member, I understand the pitfalls of union representation better than most,” Bowman said in a release. “The UAW’s 20th-century organizing model has failed to gain traction with employees because they understand that the union’s agenda is often not their agenda.”

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