Franken forces Dems to finally confront their own sexual assault scandals

Franken and Louis CK.


This is a broad ranging issue. It (obviously) transcends party. However, the Democrats have for so long blathered on about the “war on women” that the recent news about Al Franken, Mr. Good Liberal, Mr. Tut Tut, is resonating particularly.

And it’s not just the alleged perpetrators. It’s all the good, holier than thou Democrats who KNEW THIS SORT OF THING WAS happening. Do you think Nancy Pelosi has no idea of what’s been going on in her party? The supposed champion of “women”?

Franken is unlikely to be the last politician caught up in this. The “sexual harassment terror” is rolling along and seems to have a life of its own.

(From McClatchy)

Democrats called Al Franken’s behavior unacceptable, returned his campaign donations, and hinted that — absent a satisfying explanation in response to a sexual harassment allegation — they’d eventually demand he resign.

Anything less would risk catastrophe for a party that stakes its political reputation on fighting for women. Especially one that is just now, 20 years after the fact, grappling with its unyielding support of Bill Clinton.

“Sexual harassment is never acceptable and must not be tolerated,” said Democratic Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer. “I hope and expect that the Ethics Committee will fully investigate this troubling incident, as they should with any credible allegation of sexual harassment.”

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