Has the release of the iPhone X solved homelessness? (VIDEO)

I was sent this video earlier today and I encourage everyone to watch it. It is excellent. It shows in stark contrast how life works for those who are within the norm and enjoy the “benevolence” of the state, versus those who are outside of the norm and are powerless in the eyes of the state.

Plus it illustrates nicely the bizarre version of consumerism that infects many a hipster. I may be mistaken but I think one of the people camping in front of the Apple Store for the latest shiny trinket said he’d been camping for 11 days. 11 days.

I hope I am mistaken and misunderstood him. I mean I love Apple too, but who has 11 days to sit on the street AND has $1200 to spend on a new PHONE?

There are many important nuances to this video. There are no easy answers here. It’s good reporting. It’s interesting. And that’s why we run it.