Hey Millennials: Communism Sucks, I Lived It



The girl holding up the print of Joseph Stalin (in the article) makes me want to vomit.

Again, I am increasingly convinced that the neo-communists just have no idea what socialism/communism is all about. But their ignorance is less forgivable than the ignorance of similar Americans in the 30s. We KNOW what socialism/communism brings. We KNOW it’s a recipe for death. We KNOW that socialism doesn’t price things, it can’t calculate, effectively and as such the central planners must impose harsher and harsher rules to keep people in line. We KNOW that socialism/communism is a failure.

And these girls should KNOW this too. Yet somehow they think socialism/communism is cute, is new, and will do something other than cause misery and destruction.

Useful idiots.

(From PJ Media)

The most demoralizing part of the communist system was that “all were considered equal.” This was a big lie.

It didn’t matter if you worked hard — your pay was equal to the guy who barely showed up for work, or came to work drunk. The only way to advance was to join the political elite: the Communist party.

Imagine a system where the key to success wasn’t hard work or merit, but conniving and politics. If you sold your soul to the devil, you were rewarded.

My father worked at a water company in one of the major cities in Silesia Region. He was approached several times by the “party” PZPR with an offer of a promotion to a director’s position. But there was one small requirement.

He would need to first denounce his religion…

…Millennials need to understand that communism is a culture of repression and violence. All around us was oppression, even in the education system. Brilliant teachers or priests who didn’t conform to communist ideology or spoke against it were imprisoned, tortured, or killed. Our history books were rewritten, and we were taught lies about our own history.

I recall my 8th grade friend being severely punished because in his essay he disclosed that there was a pact between Hitler and Stalin against Poland before World War II began. Of course, this was the truth — but in communism truth doesn’t matter. Only the revolutionary party dogma matters. The Molotov–Ribbentrop Pact was never to be mentioned.

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