How Roger Goodell’s contract fight could ignite a civil war in the NFL – Wants “private jet for life”


A giant boost in pay and a private jet for life shouldn’t really be on the table.

(From CNBC)

For many decades, the NFL has owned the no-lose product that is professional football in America. But the league’s current leadership, helmed by Commissioner Roger Goodell, has made one crucial mistake after another and now the once-invulnerable league is playing defense.

And what’s the NFL’s response to these failures in leadership from the commissioner?

It’s going to give him a big raise of course.

The news came out Sunday that Goodell is reportedly asking for a $49.5 million annual salary and lifetime use of a private jet among other perks in his new contract deal. That would be a nice jump from his last reported annual salary of $31.7 million in 2015.

If the NFL wants to move past its multiple serious problems right now the owners should not only refuse to give Goodell a raise, they should replace him.

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