I’m A Marine And I Tried To Help Puerto Rico, But The Bureaucracy Stopped Me


What many people who believe in the power of coercive government don’t get is that GOVERNMENT FIRST WORKS FOR ITSELF. The beast gets fed and then, maybe, someone somewhere gets some help. Maybe. Through some miracle. But all too often government just screws things up at great cost.

Many people who don’t pay much in federal taxes do not understand how infuriating this is. But many who do have significant tax outlays look at the continual waste and inefficiency, not to say just flat out legal graft, and throw up their hands. Over and over and over taxpayer money is wasted on bureaucracy and bureaucrats. Then the bureaucrats, while screwing up, act like they are not working at the pleasure of The People. The bureaucratic beast thinks the taxpayers exist to keep it fat.

That is not how it should be.

(From The Federalist)

I drive long-haul trucks across the lower 48 states. I was on the road when Maria struck Puerto Rico, and had just had to deal with the results of Hurricane Irma at my own home outside Orlando. My heart went out to the Puerto Rican people. Just as my moral compass and desire to serve had directed me to the Marines, it compelled me to offer my assistance to Puerto Rico…

…I had read some positive things about the Puerto Rican congresswoman’s efforts helping the recovery and relief process. I contacted her office and was forwarded back over to the PRFAA—which refuses to answer phone calls.

The larger government institutions grow, the more inefficient they become. This is a common theme across the board. Whether you’re talking about Puerto Rico or Washington, the recipe is the same. Everyone has a title and a cushy position but no one is in charge or has direct jurisdiction over problems.

This diffusion of accountability ensures the right hand is unaware of what the left is doing, and no one knows what is expected of him. Consequently, no one feels direct responsibility for objectives or overall mission accomplishment. While an agency may have the best of intentions, this formula ensures that nothing gets done.

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