Incredible extravagance of offspring of Mugabe’s cronies is revealed while the rest of the country live in poverty



Ah yes, Zimbabwe’s princeling cronies. Funny to see these piles of cash. (Literally, piles of cash.) Officially the country had only $217 in the bank in 2013.

This is anti-colonial socialism/crony capitalism and redistribution of wealth for you. Looks like the wealth was definitely redistributed.

(From The Daily Mail)

Welcome to the¬†world of Zimbabwe’s wealthy young elite, where silver plated Rolls-Royces and private jets lined in gold are just the norm – and showing off your tens of millions are essential social media viewing.

Even though the country is ranked only second to Congo as the poorest on the planet, these politicians’ off-springs and young entrepreneurs prove that there is still plenty of money floating around the country.

There are the sisters dubbed the ‘Zimbabwean Kardashians’ – flaunting their wealth around in the poverty-stricken nation, as well as Church preachers, or ‘prophets’ as they like to call themselves, showing off fancy cars and bundles of fifty dollar bills.

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