Kucinich: I know why Trump was elected


We occasionally write of the few “good guys” in politics. Though Dennis Kucinich is deeply challenged in our estimation on a host of issues, particularly on economic ones, he is one of those few “good guys” in national politics. Which is one of the reasons he never got any real traction with the power brokers at the highest levels.

(From The Toledo Blade)

Kucinich, alone on the left as far as I can see, said on national TV a few week back that the real Trump scandal is not Russians running fake ads on Facebook but the fact that candidate Trump was spied upon (as Kucinich once was) and the Deep State wants to bring a duly elected president down. That, he said, is the real political and constitutional crisis. It sounds like a spy novel, he said, but it is all too real — a politicized intelligence community. We even have a politicized FBI. And, he added, people need to put party and ideology aside and see this plainly.

That didn’t get a lot of press…

…Kucinich told me, “I do understand why Donald Trump was elected. I really do.” He said that Americans want their politics “to actually mean something,” and for politicians to represent the practical interests of ordinary citizens. He called Cleveland, his hometown, “the epicenter of the sub-prime,” meltdown. He said his own house in Cleveland is worth less than the money he’s put into it. He said the Democratic Party has minimal understanding, and precious little sympathy, for the working class homeowner in Cleveland. “Remember,” he said, “Trump beat both parties.”

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