More than a dozen top Trump campaign officials subpoenaed in Mueller probe


So…When’s he going to wrap this up?

In fairness similar investigations have dragged out for months and months and months. (The Dems have not forgotten Ken Starr.) The end is probably not in sight.

We are watching closely.

(From CNBC)

Special Counsel Robert Mueller caught the Trump campaign by surprise last month, issuing a subpoena to more than a dozen officials despite the campaign’s voluntary compliance with his probe, the Wall Street Journal reported Thursday, citing a source.

The Journal called the subpoena the “first official order” for information from the campaign. The campaign is responding to the order on an “ongoing” basis, the source reportedly told the outlet.

None of those who received the subpoena were compelled to testify before a grand jury, the Journal reported.

“Sending a subpoena to an entity that says it has been cooperating with document requests isn’t unusual in cases in which prosecutors have some concern that their demands aren’t being met promptly or aren’t being entirely fulfilled,” the Journal wrote, citing former prosecutors.

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