My Meeting with Mnuchin and Ivanka Tells Me Tax Reform Is in Trouble

(From The National Review)

Because the Right has bought into the heretical argument that the rich in our country do not pay enough taxes. I am not talking about the politics of this, but rather the policy. Secretary Mnuchin did something very interesting in our meeting today. He said that “anyone under $300,000 of income regardless of your state is going to see a tax cut from this reform,” and I basically believe he is right about that. Yet his next sentence was, “But we didn’t design these cuts for those over $1 million of income; they will see their taxes go up in certain states.”

This is interesting on two levels. Most obviously, there is a big gap between $300,000 and $1 million, and the sleight of hand between those two sentences should not be missed by hundreds of thousands of hard-working American doctors, dentists, business owners, programmers, accountants, and more. Yes, they make a good living, but it would be news to them that they are not paying their fair share. Secondly, even for the admittedly high-income — for those above $1 million — “the tax cuts were not designed for you” and “you will see your taxes go higher” are two sentences that need not go together.

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