On Capitol Hill, few name names on sexual harassment

Say something and then watch one’s career go down the toilet.

(From The Hill)

The very nature of Capitol Hill staffers’ jobs makes it hard to come forward with allegations against powerful lawmakers or top aides. They’re expected to cater to their bosses’ every need and put the team over themselves, whether that team is their employing office, political party or the institution itself.

Travis Moore, the founder of TechCongress and former legislative director to ex-House Energy and Commerce Committee Chairman Henry Waxman (D-Calif.), put it this way: “You’re no longer Travis Moore. You’re Team Waxman.”

Moore recently spearheaded a letter signed by more than 1,500 former Hill staffers urging lawmakers to reform sexual harassment prevention policies. He specifically limited it to former staffers because of the political constraints on people who currently work in congressional offices.

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