Rand Paul Getting Attacked Is What’s Wrong with Libertarianism. Wait, What?



People who are afraid of their own liberty and the liberty of others really are lame sometimes. (Too often. And too often worse than lame.)

Fundamentally people who fear libertarianism don’t trust themselves to maintain their own world. But more than that people who fear libertarianism fear their neighbors, their fellow human beings. Who gets upset with a philosophy that is based on the idea of “live and let live”? Horribly lame people that’s who.

So what if that guy is minding his own business. I know what he’s thinking and I don’t like what he’s thinking. He’s committing microagressions with his mind. I just know it! There should be a law! Who does that guy think he is all not infringing on other people’s rights and expecting other people not to infringe on his? What a jerk! Now where is that homeowners association? It is time to teach that guy a lesson. We decent people just can’t have other people minding their own business.

Like we said, big government is for busybodies. — Do you have so much time on your hands that you have to get into OTHER PEOPLE’S BUSINESS? It’s pathetic. And the busybodies HATE that we know that they are pathetic.

(From Reason)

The premise, admittedly, sounds like a Will Ferrell comedy: Politically outspoken middle-aged neighbor physician attacks actual politician middle-aged neighbor physician, but not over politics (reportedly)—over a “landscaping dispute.” Though even one cracked rib can hurt like hell, and Sen. Rand Paul (R-Kentucky) reportedly has five six, sometimes you have to laugh a little:

But if you think a seemingly non-political man-fight would escape the relentless Politicization of Everything, you haven’t been paying attention. By dint of his unusual ideology, Rand Paul suffers from the Weird Man’s Burden, which means sustaining an unprovoked assault is a splendid occasion to call him an asshole.

“Rand Paul is an asshole neighbor,” GQ‘s Jack Moore asserts, for example, in a post titled “Rand Paul Sounds Like the Worst Guy to Have as a Neighbor.” Just how short is that ideological skirt?

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