Senators Push To Defund Jeff Sessions’ Civil Asset Forfeiture Expansion



Excellent news. Civil forfeiture, also known as “policing for profit” is just wrong. Let’s hope this effort succeeds. The cops shouldn’t just be able to take your stuff. In many cases without even a conviction.

(From Reason)

In September, the Republican-led House of Representatives passedseveral amendments to a large appropriations bill that would prohibit the Justice Department from using any funds to enact Sessions’ directive, essentially using Congress’ power of the purse to block it from going into effect.

“Adoptive forfeiture and equitable sharing are particularly egregious elements of civil asset forfeiture because they not only violate due process but also attack principles of federalism,” the senators wrote. “DOJ’s reinstated policy allows state law enforcement officers to circumvent state limitations on civil forfeiture by turning seized property over to federal officials for forfeiture in exchange for up to 80 percent of the proceeds of the property. This perversely incentivizes local law enforcement to confiscate suspect property even where state laws forbid the practice.”

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