“Ten days after publicly accusing Pulitzer-winning journalist Glenn Greenwald of having “ties to Putin that he doesn’t want people to look too closely at,” Shareblue writer Matthew Chapman has apologized for his false claim.”


The collective Putin insanity which has infected so many in this country is so absurd at this point it’s almost like a movie or something. People want to believe that Vladimir Putin is around every tree. I guess those are the same trees that hid all the terrorists a few years ago.

People have indulged themselves on the Russia thing and thinking people who know they’ve indulged need to wake the —- up. Pay attention. If there are issues be aware of them. If Putin is behind a tree and one see this, point it out. I think we’d all like to know about it. But you guys are just being manipulated by anti-Trump folks at this point.

I understand that some WANT to be manipulated but it’s just starting to look foolish at this point.

Again, as we’ve said since the Russia stuff started coming out of the deeply wounded Democratic Party machine, if there is a Russia issue we will highlight it. But Trump Derangement Syndrome is real.

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