The BIG DECLINE: ESPN to lay off more than 100 staffers for 2nd time in 2017



Why would they have to do this? Why? Why? Why? Hmmm…

Earlier this year, after it fired the first 100 people, ESPN explained that if viewers didn’t like all the politics on the channel, well then, tough. The network wasn’t going to change. They knew what was best. Listening to the (diminishing) viewers? No way. What a bunch of deplorables anyway.

Now reality is hitting ESPN square in the face.

Blame it on “cord cutting” if you want, but what we see here is sports fans shrugging ESPN off. Many have just had enough.

(From The Hill)

ESPN will lay off more than 100 staffers later this month, according to a Thursday report.

Sports Illustrated, citing multiple sources, reported the layoffs will occur after the Thanksgiving holidays and will include “front-facing talent” on the television side, along with producers, executives and members of ESPN’s digital team.

The layoffs come just months after the company laid off approximately 100 reporters and on-air personalities.

Two years ago, ESPN laid off about 300 employees, including longtime personalities that had been with the network for decades.

ESPN’s staple program since its inception, SportsCenter, is expected to be impacted particularly hard, according to SI, with layoffs including on-air hosts.

The network has recently been in the headlines for anchor’s comments on political issues and President Trump.

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