The Democratic ‘War on Women’ continues, Pelosi defends Conyers, Chuck Todd asks why Pelosi didn’t know (VIDEO)


Nancy’s preaching “due process.” OK, well, Conyers settled with the accuser and paid the accuser $27,000 from the secret, TAXPAYER FUNDED, slush fund congress set up in 1995 to pay off accusers. That did happen Ms. Pelosi.

As NBC reported last week

Conyers’ acknowledged in a statement that his office paid his accuser $27,000, an amount he said was tantamount to a severance package. A report by BuzzFeed Monday night alleged that Conyers had settled a wrongful dismissal complaint in 2015 with the ex-staffer who claimed she’d been fired after refusing his “sexual advances,” an allegation Conyers “vehemently” denied.

Just more “war on women” from the Democratic leadership it seems