This Chart Breaks Down Year-By-Year Congressional Settlements. It’s Stunning.


And remember not only are the claims happening, but it is you and me, the federal taxpayer, who pays for these settlements, not the offenders in Congress.

Not ALL of these are sexual harassment settlements it must be noted.

(From The DailyWire)

On Wednesday, the Congressional Office Of Compliance (OOC) released a decade’s worth of settlements and rewards broken-down year-by-year. Since 1997, a stunning $17 million has been shelled out to victims over such violations of the Congressional Accountability Act of 1995.

The breakdown was published by the OOC due to a flood of requests, explained executive director Susan Tsui.

“[B]ased on the volume of recent inquiries regarding payment of awards and settlements reached under the CAA, I am releasing these figures beginning with Fiscal Year 1997, up to and including FY 2017,” wrote Grundmann in statement.

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