VIDEO: The Politics of Hollywood with Andrew Breitbart (An interview with a legitimate visionary) – and we don’t say that lightly


And the beat goes on. Sorry, but Andrew was right on a whole heck of a lot. On Hollywood particularly. This video is very much worth the view. Especially in light of the current media sexual harassment terror.

I only met him once, at CPAC right before he died. I wish I’d gotten to talk to him more.


There are so many great points in this interview and I encourage you to watch the entire thing if you can, but the point he makes about websites like The Daily Kos, The Huffington Post (now Huffpost), Media Matters, and so on is absolutely correct. These websites exist to give the #OLDMEDIA credibility. The #OLDMEDIA granted these statist sites legitimacy initially in a way that the #OLDMEDIA refused to for the conservative and libertarian sites. So the the online minion sites do what they can now protect the “mothership” of propaganda. The statists know that the #OLDMEDIA is full of hypocrisy and corruption. And that is exactly why the statists defend the #OLDMEDIA. Because they are the same.

Andrew Breitbart was a genius. He was not a libertarian and I disagreed with him on a number of things, but he was a genius. The world is worse off for him being gone.

But man, you’ve got to think he’s smiling from the great beyond these days.

What do you think Mr. Weinstein, Lauer, Keillor, Weiner, Hoffman, Rose, Halperin, Oreskes, Wenner, Afleck, Spacey, Lewis?