When A (‘)Progressive(‘) Mother Cuts Off Her Conservative Son


I feel ya kid. Though I will say that most of my pro-Hillary relatives are reasonably sane, the level of disconnection in the broader country, the national level “Trump Derangement Syndrome,” over the past year has been remarkable. I’ve never seen anything like it. I’ve never seen such hatred. I’ve never seen such widespread ignorance.

Trump, I think most folks would agree has problems, serious ones. However he was head to head with HILLARY CLINTON. Hillary, is arguably the most corrupt person to run for president in either of the 2 major parties in the last 100 years.

But some people still don’t see this. Or probably more accurately don’t WANT to see this.

For instance we might cite a transgression from the Clinton Foundation years (of which there are dozens and dozens) in an article and some people act like it’s some sort of revelation. Like they had no idea. What??? Hillary corrupt??? No…I’m With Her and so on. They seriously have no clue. Or, again, choose not to have a clue.

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I certainly wasn’t happy that my mother was already making plans to hold Trump against me. I didn’t like Obama’s presidency, but was I suddenly supposed to hold that against her? (Her take: “Obama’s presidency was wonderful. I don’t see what all these right-wingers were complaining about. They just hated him for being black.”)

Needless to say, my mother’s mental model of conservatives is quite poor. Which isn’t totally surprising. She doesn’t know any conservatives. She’s broadly unfamiliar with conservative ideas. However, she’s very familiar with left-wing caricatures of conservative ideas, particularly those that are heavy on emotion and utopian “magical thinking”.

I once tried to explain my views on minimum wage laws and how they hurt the people they’re trying to help. Her response: “People don’t make enough money because greedy businessmen don’t pay them enough. If the government passed a minimum wage law, businesses would realize they can afford to pay their workers more by trimming CEO pay.”

Alrighty then.

It’s actually kind of funny. Mom doesn’t understand business. Nor does she understand markets. Or the concept of incentives. Or supply and demand. She doesn’t know anything about how McDonalds is run, but is totally convinced their CEO is personally hoarding cash to avoid paying workers a “living wage”.


Look pro-Hillary folks, you put all your eggs in a terrible basket largely because Hillary Clinton is a woman. That’s it. And she lost.

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