Where Did All The Public School Money Go? Paper-Pushers


The government cronies never want government cut – ever. Such cuts are a threat to their way of life. The money MUST keep flowing from taxpayers. For the children.

From IBD

Per-pupil spending in public schools climbed 121%, after adjusting for inflation, from 1980 to 2014 — the last year for which the Department of Education has statistics.

Let that sink in. We spend more than twice as much per student in real terms now than in 1980. Does anyone think children are getting twice as good an education?

Where has that money gone? Not much of it went to teachers. While enrollment in public schools climbed 23% over those years, the number of teachers climbed 43%.

But the ranks of public school administrators shot up 88% over those years. And the number of people performing other jobs in public schools — janitors, librarians, teachers’ aides, principals, etc. — climbed 56%.

Meanwhile, test scores on the National Assessment of Educational Progress have barely budged for decades, and our children rank well below our international competitors.

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