$600K in tax dollars to settle misconduct lawsuits in the Senate


Sad as it is that’s far better than the House side.

The settlements are from 1997 until now.

(From Politico)

At least $600,000 in public money has been spent over the past 20 years to settle 13 workplace misconduct claims against senators’ offices, including $14,260 for a single settlement alleging sex discrimination, according to data released late Thursday.

The information on workplace harassment payouts from a fund maintained by Capitol Hill’s Office of Compliance, divulged by the Senate Rules and Appropriations Committees, does not include any details on which offices the payments correspond to. Its release came as the Rules panel, led by Sen. Richard Shelby (R-Ala.), faced pressure from both sides of the aisle to join the House in opening the Senate’s taxpayer-funded settlement books amid a national outcry over sexual harassment.

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