Appeals court rejects challenge to Trump voter fraud commission (If it’s not a problem, why not MAKE SURE it’s not a problem?)


A certain group of folks always argue that voter fraud isn’t a problem. But if it isn’t a problem why do these same people want to keep other people from looking into the issue? It doesn’t really make much sense. If anything, if a commission came back and said that voter fraud was of little concern, that would bolster the first group’s position.

Thing is, in truth, the people who don’t want to examine voter fraud as an issue do in fact think voter fraud could be an issue. And likely has been for a long time.

(From Axios)

A U.S. appeals court judge on Tuesday rejected a lawsuit against President Trump’s controversial voter fraud commission, ruling that The Electronic Privacy Information Center does not have legal standing to challenge the panel for allegedly breaching the 2002 E-Government Act, The Hill reports.

Why it matters: The group had been seeking to block the panel, formally known as the President’s Advisory Commission on Election Integrity, from its planned collection of millions of voter records from 50 states and the District of Columbia, including political affiliations, birth dates and partial social security numbers.

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