Bonfire of the academies: Two professors on how leftist intolerance is killing higher education


I was chatting recently with an older guy who was once an organizer for the radical Students for a Democratic Society in the 60s. He has since eschewed the statist Left and has listed over the years in a much more libertarian direction. The Left gradually became more and more totalitarian he said, to the point of completely closing their minds and completely embracing a lockstep political philosophy. He lamented the emergence of the anti tolerance movement, what is often called political correctness, that has highjacked the minds of too many. He definitely agreed that fascism (he really meant totalitarianism – fascism is defined by its economics, the control of nominally private business by the state)  seems to have come to America wearing a pu–y hat and flying a rainbow flag.

(From the Washington Examiner)

By the next day, any gains were lost. Protesters stormed the last faculty meeting of the year, where newly emeritus faculty members were being lauded. They took over the meeting, stole a celebratory retirement cake, and said things like “Didn’t you educate us on how to do shit like this?”

The radicals blockaded the library, trapping employees and students inside, frightening several. One faculty member who had participated with the students in shutting down the faculty meeting held court outside the library, telling two faculty colleagues that “you are now those motherfuckers that we’re pushing against.” She told them to “go inside and listen to the students … or take your ass home … Two options: Go inside, go home.”

The protesters subjugated and humiliated everyone who did not fall into line. When they ordered the college president to stop gesticulating with his hands, on account of the presumably aggressive nature of his hand gestures, he promptly did so. When they insisted that he have an escort to use the bathroom, he acquiesced. They hurled obscenities and insults at him and others.

That evening, the same faculty member who had been issuing peremptory commands outside the library wrote to the campus community to say how proud she was of the protesters, and to reinforce an earlier thought from one of the radicals. “They are doing exactly what we’ve taught them today,” she wrote. What do you suppose the response to this email was? Horror, shock, quiet distaste? In some circles, yes, but the only people who responded publicly wrote to thank her.

The PC Brigades are bullies. Social justice? I don’t think so. Ignorance? Yes, in bucketfuls.

Liberals, you need to start seriously countering these anti-intellectual activists. These people might be on the “Left” but they aren’t your allies. You are in the crosshairs. Stand up for yourselves.

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