Capitalism cures poverty (VIDEO)


This guy nails it. I do not understand why so many people do not see that the only real way out of poverty, out of despair, is via free enterprise or capitalism. It is obvious. Produce a service or good that the world wants for less than what the world will pay for it. Rinse and repeat.

Governments and the people who love government NEED POOR PEOPLE. They are the vast bureaucracy’s excuse for existence. At least the 20/21st Century excuse. We must have these regs and we must have these programs to make the world more fair. And in the interest of fairness we are now going to tax the productive people who make furniture, sell cars, manage portfolios, whatever and we will then give their money  to the government. Because it’s fair. Then the government, after it has had its fill will throw some crumbs to the poor so that the poor don’t get too uppity and start thinking that they can do things for themselves. Oh no. That would be the death of the low level crony class in government. No. Keep the poor DEPENDENT on the state. That way Mr. Bureaucrat, when you retire you can somehow justify the pension the productive people in society will pay you.

Give me a break. I see so much economic ignorance on this site sometimes. From people who are obviously not stupid. But in their blind love for the state they are condemning people to poverty and despair, and frankly it’s disgusting. In your advocacy for socialism, or big government, or whatever, you are hurting people. You think you’re on the side of justice? You most certainly are not.

Watch this.