Census Bureau: 5 Richest Counties Are D.C. Suburbs, You pay for the cronies to live lavishly

All the top 5 counties vote Democrat. I thought rich people were Republicans.


We’ve been writing about this for almost a decade. Though we were able to make it out of DC Metro and get to more civilized places things have only gotten worse since we left.

Look, here’s the deal. YOU, America, make stuff, do stuff, generate things, are productive. Then the government comes and siphons this prosperity from you to feed the crony capital. Federal worker cronies. Lobbyist cronies. Defense contractor cronies. Various hangers on and courtesans. They all have to be paid. They expect to be paid well. And they are all paid well with your money. Or debt. Whatever. But it is on YOU.

DC is a weird town. People commute (endlessly). Go to work. And shop. That’s the culture. It’s a world of upscale strip malls and talking about how long it is until one can cash in on one’s taxpayer financed pension and whether it will snow enough for “liberal leave.” (An apt term if there ever was one.)

The folks in Northern Virginia have blown up the politics of my lovely Commonwealth. They come from all over to work government jobs of some sort and then they vote for more government. Always. Why? Because it’s a good deal for them. You? You live in flyover country. You should be happy to pay the Beltway Bandits. It’s not theft if it’s legal. Right?

(From CNS News)

The nationwide median household income in 2012-2016, according to the Census Bureau, was $55,322. That means that the income in the nation’s four richest counties—Loudoun, Falls Church City, Fairfax County, and Howard County—were all more than double the national median.

The median household income in Arlington County, the nation’s fifth richest county, which sits directly across the Potomac River from Washington, D.C., was 96.5 percent greater than the national median.

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