Eric Holder issues warning to Trump administration: Removing Mueller ‘will not be tolerated’ (Um, who is Holder to talk about tolerating anything?)

I don’t know if Mueller being removed is a good idea or not but who is Eric Holder to tell anyone that something won’t be tolerated? Please.

Just stay busy out in California working for your corporate clients and pray that things don’t really start to get peeled back. You guys asked for this. Remember that.

(From The Bizpacreview)

Holder called the attacks on Mueller’s staff “B.S.” and ironically called Republican attempts to expose the Trump-hating players conducting the probe “blatantly political.”

Mueller fired top FBI agent Peter Strzok in August when anti-Trump, pro-Hillary texts were discovered between he and fellow FBI agent Lisa Page who he was having an affair with at the time. Both were working on the Trump/Russia investigation.

Upon further digging by Republicans, thousands of texts were found between the lovers that mocked Trump repeatedly, while the two sang Hillary Clinton’s praises.

Strozk also supervised the probe into Hillary’s alleged illegal use of an email server. She was exonerated after an FBI investigation headed by James Comey exonerated her before all the evidence was in.

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