FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe to retire

(From The Washington Examiner)

FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe is planning to retire in early 2018 when he becomes fully eligible for pension benefits, according to a new report.

McCabe, 49, has faced renewed criticism from Republican critics in recent weeks following accusations of bias in the FBI and the belief that the bureau let Secretary of State Hillary Clinton off easily during its investigation into her private email server.

“It would send a terrible message to move him now, but it’s also a terrible situation he’s in,” one law enforcement official told the Washington Post, which first broke the news Saturday.

A spokesman for McCabe, as well as the FBI, declined to comment for the story.

McCabe faced hours of questioning behind closed doors on Capitol Hill this past week as top Republicans are investigating alleged bias in the FBI, expressing deep concern over the release of anti-Trump, pro-Clinton messages exchanged between two top FBI employees. According to reports, Republicans were not pleased with his responses to their questions about alleged bias.

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