From ‘Covfefe’ To Slamming CNN: Trump’s Year In Tweets



I don’t think most people would have thought that Trump would become the first real social media president. But it happened. It’s not unlike how Kennedy became the first TV president.

(From Atlanta NPR)

With a generous helping of exclamation points, ALL CAPS and spelling errors, 2017 was the first year of the first Twitter presidency. And in a way, President Trump’s most popular tweets of the year tell the story of his presidency. These statements on Twitter gave Americans and the world an unprecedented real-time view of what Trump was thinking, stewing over and watching on cable.

“My use of social media is not Presidential – it’s MODERN DAY PRESIDENTIAL,” Trump’s account tweeted on July 1, finishing with a flourish that appeared often in his tweets: “Make America Great Again!”…

…It’s the president’s way of going around the media filter directly to his voters while at the same time reaching broad swaths of news consumers who may not even have accounts on the social network.

The most retweeted posts tend to stoke more controversy than those on the list of most favorited. On the favorited list, there are several optimistic tweets posted around the time of the inauguration, for instance.

Here are Trump’s Top 10 most retweeted and favorited tweets of 2017:

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