House Republicans are ready to end their Russia investigation


C’mon folks say it. Say it!!! You know you want to.

Thing is Dems, I don’t think these guys would risk their careers if they really thought there was anything out there. I could be wrong, but congresspeople think of themselves first and foremost. Republican president or no.

(From CNBC)

Conservative lawmakers on the panel told NBC they have completed most of the necessary interviews despite pleas from Democrats to investigate what they say are new leads.

“We’re not a criminal investigation,” Rep. Tom Rooney, R-Fla., told NBC News. “If I honestly thought that there was fire somewhere we have an obligation constitutionally to look further into, I would have no problem doing that. But when you don’t and you’ve got to the point where you’re getting into the fifth and sixth level of people coming in here, then you’re spinning your wheels.”

The Republican heading the investigation, Rep. Mike Conaway of Texas, declined to offer a timetable.

“We’re working hard to finish it. But I’ve got no timeline in mind,” he told NBC.

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