Man Who Threw Away a Fortune in Bitcoin Now Looking to Dig Up a Landfill



If you lament not buying Bitcoin earlier (I think the first story we did on Bitcoin was when it was $3 a coin) you could always be this guy wandering through the piles of trash looking for his old hard drive.

And get this, his girlfriend is the one who made him get rid of his mining hardware.

$80,000,000 in Bitcoin. Somewhere.

(From Gizmodo)

You see, Howells got in on the ground floor of the cryptocoin economy back in February of 2009. Through his computational labors, he amassed around 7,500 bitcoin before his girlfriend, fed up with the noise of block-mining hardware, made him stop. No great loss—the Silk Road was two years away and bitcoin was worth next to nothing.

Most of the equipment he was using was sold for scrap after he spilled lemonade on it, and the hard drive containing the key to his digital wallet sat in a drawer for three years before passing into its final resting place: the trash.

Near the tail end of 2013, Howells took stock of the crypto markets and began to regret his hasty cleaning decisions. At that time bitcoin’s market cap was beginning to climb, and his 7,500 lost coins were worth a few million. Four years later and he still—understandably—hasn’t let it go. One bitcoin is currently valued at $11,500, making the small fortune Howells sent to a landfill a considerably larger fortune of over $80 million.

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