Mueller Credibility Plunges, Trump Probe Imploding


(From The Daily Wire)

The special prosecutor’s probe, which has already cost taxpayers some $5 million, hit a massive speed bump last week — the kind that snaps the axles and blows out the transmission. Reports emerged in both The Washington Post and The New York Times that a lead FBI investigator sent anti-Trump texts to a mistress. Weirdly, the investigator, Peter Strzok, wasn’t fired, just quietly demoted to the Bureau’s human resources department.

Then the shoes kept dropping — like Imelda Marcos having a yard sale. It turns out Strzok was one of former FBI Director James Comey’s top lieutenants. From that perch, he played a key role in the early probe of alleged collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia.

But then it was revealed that before that, Strzok led the investigation into Clinton’s email scandal and sat in on her “interview” with the Bureau (during which she was not under oath and for which no transcript or tape has ever been produced). And Strzok also led interviews with all of Clinton’s top aides: Cheryl Mills, Huma Abedin, Jake Sullivan and Heather Samuelson.

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