National Review: It’s Never Fun to Lose a Senate Seat, But the GOP Dodged a Bullet


We live in weird political times, and this was a weird race, to say the least.

This was definitely an anti-Moore vote, not a pro-Jones vote. As such Dems can maybe harness a puff of wind in their sails on this one but it will be tough.

And as the author of the attached article points out, in the long to medium run Moore’s loss might end up being a good thing for the GOP.

(From The National Review)

Despite the frustration of a 52-seat majority becoming a 51-seat majority, tonight’s result is in fact, a long-term victory for the Republican Party. Had Moore gone to the Senate, he would have faced a Senate Ethics Committee investigation. Had that investigation brought back anything less than a full exoneration, GOP senators would have faced the decision of whether to expel him. As is, Moore could be counted on to create new controversies every time he faced the cameras; every Republican would constantly be asked if they agreed with their fellow senator’s controversial contentions about “reds and yellows,” unnecessary Constitutional Amendments, the wisdom of Vladimir Putin, or whether America was the focus of evil in the modern world.

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