Pa. officials restore six-figure pension ($245,000/year) for former senator convicted of corruption




This reminds me of Bridgeport Connecticut where the mayor went to prison for 7 years for corruption and then the voters put him back in at city hall after he got out of the joint.

And why is a STATE SENATOR getting a quarter of a million dollars per year in his pension anyway? Crook or not?


Years after he went to federal prison for corruption, the longtime Democratic leader of the state Senate will get his $245,000 annual pension back, a state board has narrowly decided

It’s the only time in at least 11 years that the board of the State Employees’ Retirement System has returned someone’s pension to them after it was taken away for a criminal conviction. Former State Sen. Robert Mellow had appealed that initial decision…

…The five dissenting members, in an opinion written by state treasurer Joe Torsella, said that the majority’s opinion was “an abrupt departure” from one of the board’s previous decisions. They cited a case in which a  district judge who had been charged with federal mail fraud lost his pension.

The majority’s conclusion allows Mellow “to avoid the financial consequences of criminal conduct to which he pled guilty, creates a record of inconsistent determinations by the Board and undermines the deterrent effect of the Forfeiture Law,” according to the dissenting opinion.

A board order dated Nov. 6, after all members had cast their ballots, calls for Mellow to receive his $20,510 monthly pension (more than $245,000 a year), plus payments and interest for the time it was forfeited.

So he doesn’t lose a dime. Plus he gets interest. And one wonders why the public is so cynical.

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