Rand Paul says it’s time to investigate Obama officials who might have colluded to stop Trump


2017 has been a very important year for this country. At the beginning Obama was still in power. Things still seemed bleak. Hillary was whining and Obama allies in the bureaucracy were circling wagons, gobsmacked by Trump’s victory.

At the end of 2017 it is fair to say that there is an optimism in the country that I haven’t seen in my adult life. There is a feeling that the country isn’t weighed down by a president that holds the country in contempt. Obama really believed in the whole “you didn’t build that” nonsense. He really believed it. How is one supposed to be optimistic if the president is this clueless on economic matters?

For many the prospect of having another executive in the White House with a propensity for regulation, crony capitalism (not that Trump doesn’t have crony tendencies, let’s be clear), and a general disposition toward big government busybodiness was depressing. Hillary taking the “throne” in a coronation was just a horrible prospect. We were all prepared for more dark days.

But then a hiccup in history. Trump, the brash, often uncouth, occasionally reckless, anti-Hillary won. He friggin’ won. At this date it is still amazing to me that Hills got knocked off. The world is still adjusting too.

But just because Hillary Clinton lost doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t examine more closely what happened during the Obama era. Indeed that is why so many of the Obama/Hillary people fear Trump. If the Obamaite allies are pushed out, light might shine in.

They thought those closets were locked up tight and that Clinton would seal them with cement forever.


(From Rare)

It was initially unclear what prompted Sen. Paul’s tweet. A Paul senior advisor said in an email to Rare that the senator is “trying to say there is a lot to still investigate in the intelligence community’s past behavior,” and also asked why “are we reauthorizing broad unconstitutional powers for the same community?”

Paul is currently opposing a permanent reauthorization of Section 702 of the FISA Amendments Act in the Senate spending bill that gives what his office calls “broad unconstitutional powers” for warrantless mass surveillance. Republican Senators Mike Lee (Utah) and Steve Daines (Mont.) and Democratic Senators Ron Wyden (Oreg.) and Patrick Leahy (Vt.) have joined Paul in this bipartisan effort.

As for any alleged illegal activity or wrongdoing by the intelligence community in the past, Sen. Paul has said he believes the Obama administration has surveilled him and other members of Congress.

“Did the Obama admin go after presidential candidates, members of Congress, journalists, clergy, lawyers, fed judges?” Paul tweeted in May. “Did the Obama admin use warrantless “wiretapping” on other candidates besides @realdonaldtrump?”

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