Roy Moore’s loss is a win for conservatives



We agree. Alabama probably did America, the GOP, and conservatives (and obviously libertarians) a favor by keeping Moore out of the Senate.

(From Rare)

Arguably the most day-to-day, functionally problematic problem with Moore was always this: He’s a cartoon caricature of how the left would love to portray all conservatives. Moore helped write a book that said women shouldn’t run for public office. He believes 9/11 was punishment for homosexuality and abortion. He believes gay marriage is worse than slavery. He believes homosexuality should be illegal. He wouldn’t rule out gay men and women being punished by death. He even once said that America would “eliminate many problems” if we got rid of all constitutional amendments past the first ten contained in the Bill of Rights. That would include the constitutional provisions that ended slavery and gave women the right to vote.

Even Donald Trump’s often unfortunate language pales in comparison. Yet Moore has made statements like these throughout his legal and political careers. Does anyone think he would have stopped if he won? Did any conservative really want Moore saying this stuff from the high perch of the U.S. Senate?

I guess that depends on one’s definition of “conservatism.”

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