The Anatomy Of Hillary Clinton’s $84 Million Money-Laundering Scheme


Again, one of the reasons we think that some apologists for Hillary Clinton continue to be apologists for Hillary Clinton is that they simply don’t know what is actually up with Hillary Clinton. They haven’t really been exposed to the shenanigans of the Clinton Foundation etc. because they largely just didn’t want to hear about them and they follow media that is generally pro-Hills. They choose to be willfully ignorant.

Then there are those who know what the Clinton machine was all about and don’t care.

Then there are still others who are PAID to act like what Hillary and Company pulled isn’t a big deal.

There are many big deals with regard to the Clinton campaign of 2016 and The Clinton Foundation generally. Lots of checks written from lots of folks Americans probably wouldn’t like.

(From IBD)

as Donna Brazile and others admitted, the DNC placed the funds under the Clinton campaign’s direct control, a massive breach of campaign finance law that ties the conspiracy together.

Democratic donors, knowing the funds would end up with Clinton’s campaign, wrote six-figure checks to influence the election — 100 times larger than allowed.

HVF bundled these megagifts and, on a single day, reported transferring money to all participating state parties, some of which would then show up on FEC reports filed by the DNC as transferring the exact same dollar amount on the exact same day to the DNC. Yet not all the state parties reported either receiving or transferring those sums.

Did any of these transfers actually happen? Or were they just paper entries to mask direct transfers to the DNC?

For perspective, conservative filmmaker Dinesh D’Souza was prosecuted and convicted in 2012 for giving a handful of associates money they then contributed to a candidate of his preference — in other words, straw  man contributions. He was sentenced to eight months in a community confinement center and five years of probation. How much money was involved? Only $20,000. HVF weighs in at $84 million — more than 4,000 times larger!

So who should be worried? Everyone involved — from the donors themselves to Democratic fundraisers to party officials who filed false reports and, ultimately, to Clinton campaign and HVF officials looking at significant legal jeopardy.

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