The Internet Is Free Again, Killing Obama-era rules will remove the FCC as political gatekeeper.



As we’ve said before the FCC is a crony anti-speech tool. It has been since it came into existence under FDR, the most statist (and perhaps dangerous) president this country has ever seen. The FCC is about control, and the government wanted to take CONTROL of the Internet while it could. So it partnered with companies like Netflix and Google, (they allegedly helped write the rules) to impose regulations that worked for the government, (the government ALWAYS works for itself first) then the content streamers – who want to avoid having to pay for the bandwidth they take, and then Hollywood (which continues its slow spiral.) The people were told that somehow the Internet needed “neutrality” even though imposing regs like the the ones imposed would slow innovation and in the medium term to long term reduce quality and raise costs for consumers.

The Internet should be free. The ending of the top down rules from the unelected FCC returns the Net back to something close. The (usually misinformed) control freaks are still having a fit of course. Good. Let them. Stay out of my Internet. Get lost.

Now if we could just get the NSA out of our business.

Click here for the article from The Wall Street Journal.