The New Yorker Freaks Out, This is the Real Reason So Many Statists Despise Trump, Big Govt People Fear Taxpayers Getting “WOKE”


It ain’t Russia folks. What many big government statists are most afraid of is that Trump will actually DO SOMETHING. (Not that Trump doesn’t have significant statist streaks.)

The “liberals” were able to keep Reagan and the “Reagan Revolution” (really in many ways a revolution betrayed) at bay with a combination of a Democrat Congress and by allowing Reagan to indulge in an anti-Soviet military build up. (Which the Dems saw as expanding government even if it was to the detriment of Detente.)

But despite the constant refrain from NPR and fellow travelers in the #oldmedia that Trump is “deeply unpopular” etc. etc., they fear him because they sense that everything could turn on a dime on that front, particularly as the economy warms up. Additionally, Obama increasingly looks like a big mistake to even non-partisans now. Obama is from another era. A less hopeful era.

It is Trump who appears the optimist and the one who is ACTUALLY speaking to “the people.” (Again we are not cheering Trump on. We have lots of problems with the guy. But we are talking political reality here.) That scares the big government people. Because if the taxpayers really started to think about things, if they really started to weigh the costs and benefits of the welfare state, they very likely would choose to rein in the state. At least in some ways. The big government people count on taxpayers not getting “woke.”

Take for instance this passage from a recent New Yorker piece.

Earlier this week, the conservative economist and Trump supporter Stephen Moore pointed out that the Republican tax bills don’t just include the Party’s long-standing aims to slash tax rates on corporations, eliminate (or drastically curtail) the estate tax and the Alternative Minimum Tax, and abolish the individual mandate to purchase health insurance. By getting rid of the personal tax deductions for state and local income taxes, the bills also target high-spending Democratic states and municipalities, such as New York and California. As this provision bites, these Democratic strongholds will come under increasing pressure to cut their budgets. That, in turn, will hurt the public sector unions that are a key pillar of the modern Democratic Party.

The Democrats are afraid that with the GOP tax plan THEIR TAXES WILL GO UP! That places like California and New York will be forced into fiscal reality. That these places will no longer be able to count on low tax states to subsidize their big spending ways. Ways that pad the bottom lines of people who constantly want ever more from government and the US taxpayer. THE FANS OF THE WELFARE STATE DON’T WANT TO HAVE TO PAY FOR THE WELFARE STATE THEY WANT!


Well, boo friggin hoo.

Suddenly, without the state income tax deduction, places like Illinois, New York, Connecticut, and California are thrust into having to make very hard fiscal decisions. No longer are the people of Florida and Texas going to pay their way. Those days are over. Those pension obligations, pensions that will go overwhelmingly to pro-government government workers, now look completely undoable. (They were largely undoable even before tax reform, but now? Man. Reality is going to hit hard.)

It’s not Russia these people fear folks. It’s economic reality.