The Racist Right Looks Left (Nazis are Nationalist SOCIALISTS)


This is what we’ve been saying all along. The alt-Right dudes are for nationalized healthcare, are anti-free enterprise, and generally statist. The are NATIONAL SOCIALISTS. SOCIALISTS. Again, SOCIALISTS. They say it right in their name. I’m sorry Bernieites if you don’t like the alt-Right guys, but they have more in common with you than they have in common with we libertarians/classical liberals.

Kudos to The Nation, a solidly statist publication, for highlighting this. Of course it gets Charlottesville wrong as it buys the official narrative, and it still has to dis libertarians (of course), but it is right to focus on Nationalist Socialism as an issue. Statism (socialism) is compelling to many and ethnicity is all too often tied to a love of the state. (In this country and in other places.) Free enterprise, libertarianism, has a place for anyone who minds his or her own business, wants to make an honest non-coercive living, believes that all humans have dignity (even in the eyes of the state), and in individual human actualization. Socialism in both the Nationalist and Standard forms has little (pretty much NO) place for such people.

(From The Nation)

Then Eli Mosley of the campus group Identity Evropa, who calls Jews “oven-dodging…kikes,” took Enoch one further: “We need to be explicitly anti-capitalist. There’s no other way forward for our movement.” As 60 mostly young, male racists gathered around him, Mosley, whose real name is Elliott Kline, confidently predicted, “Twenty eighteen is going to be the year of leftists joining the white-nationalist movement!”

These were clear examples of the alt-right’s seductive, and highly contradictory, new emphasis on economic issues. Fascism has often incorporated a pretense* of holding “socialist” positions, but some members of the alt-right seem to genuinely believe that the racist state they’re fighting for will benefit what one recently called “the proletariat.” That same afternoon, in an interview in the winery’s unheated barn, Spencer said, “I support national health care. Becoming alt-right means…we have duties to our fellow [white] people. And the trillions spent in insane wars, I would much rather spend that on something that is immediately useful to whites.” About the concept of a guaranteed minimum income provided by the government, Spencer told me, “I actually really like this idea.” In the whites-only, Jews-out, no-votes-for-women ethnostate that he is trying to create, Spencer said, “We need to have a kind of altruism. We need to be willing to take care of people and not simply think of ourselves as individuals who can acquire as much wealth as possible.”…

…Next, the white nationalists went after the Trump-backed Republican tax plan. “We need to reduce taxes on the Apple Corporation that is sitting on $200 billion!” Spencer mocked the GOP. “They just don’t have enough money!” While Spencer blasted the plan as “stupid.…Reaganite nostalgia,” Peinovich talked about how hard it is to live in this culture, where “everything” runs the risk of getting “corporatized and capitalized.” The Upper East Sider said, sounding haunted, “Everything is empty and fake.… One of the great struggles that everyone has in this corporate neoliberal world is for meaning in their life. Our struggle provides that for us. Everything else is empty…but our movement.”

This sounds almost like an antifa rant to me. How about you? But I thought antifa and these guys hated each other? (Kind of like how the Bloods and the Cryps hate each other.)

Liberty is the way forward. Not the State.

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*It’s no pretense.