The ‘Swamp’ Trump Is Trying To Drain Isn’t Really A Swamp — It’s An Ocean

It certainly feels that way. Lots of bottom feeders in that ocean too. And sharks. They swim in schools around the Beltway.

(From IBD)

Bureaucracy: President Trump’s reigning metaphor of “draining the swamp” is very descriptive. And yet, a new report suggests it may not go far enough. The government Swamp’s a lot bigger and deeper than you know.

The nonprofit watchdog group Open The Books has put out a new report, “Mapping The Swamp,” that seeks to flesh out what has, until now, merely been a metaphor. What it found is eye-opening, and shows the size of the challenge that lies before President Trump as he seeks to drain it.

“We found small and large agencies across the federal government gaming the system for personal gain — and it’s expensive for the taxpayer,” said Adam Andrzejewski, CEO and founder of “Congress should hold hearings to bring transparency to all the information we’re still missing, including performance bonuses and pension payouts. It’s time to squeeze out waste from compensation and stop abusive payroll practices.”…

…These are the reasons why people find our federal bureaucracy so maddening. Yet, for progressive proponents of big government, these highly paid bureaucrats are selfless, highly competent workers on the taxpayers’ behalf. “Public servants,” as it were. Gandhi-crats.

Unfortunately, economic research in recent years, especially that of Nobel Prize-winning economist James M. Buchanan, suggests that bureaucrats’ and politicians’ decisions aren’t selfless at all, but rather motivated by the same self-interest and desire to be wealthy as the rest of us. And, yes, it affects how they do their jobs — or don’t do them, as the case may be.

“Gandhi-crats.” I like that one.

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