Trump cuts aid to (the SUPER CRONY) UN and the New York Times loses its mind


I do not get people who can’t see that the United Nations is at best, the very best, a waste of billions of dollars.

Cutting funding is a good first step. (Even though it’s not really much of a cut.) But as we said before maybe we should send the UN packing to Geneva. But I’d hate to do that to the Swiss, a country that has a good head on its shoulders. Perhaps we could just let the UN cronies bunk with the EU cronies in Brussels. There they can debate about whatever the political fashion of the day is and we can watch the silliness from the other side of the Atlantic. Send The New York Times editorial staff over there too. They’ll be happier anyway.

(From Rare)

In his first paragraph, NYT reporter Rick Gladstone accused the Trump administration of having “linked financial support for the United Nations to compliance with American demands.” Later in the article, Gladstone referred to “[c]ritics of Mr. Trump’s approach” who, apparently, say Trump “should not expect others to follow his lead just because the United States wields the biggest monetary cudgel.” I say “apparently,” because that wasn’t a direct quote. Gladstone fails to quote, or even name, a single critic of the American-led budget cut, and the people he does quote take a wait-and-see approach that clashes with the finger-wagging post-apocalyptic panic the rest of the piece attempts to convey.

If Gladstone had read his own piece more carefully, he’d realize that this isn’t even a real budget cut. In the text of his article, he gives the total two-year regular budgets for both 2016-2017 and 2018-2019 as $5.4 billion. It’s a common move for politicians to congratulate themselves for making “cuts” when all they did was slash planned increases while continuing to maintain or increase actual spending levels. It looks like that’s exactly what happened here.

Gladstone seems to think that making a miniscule cut to the budget of a corrupt and inefficient organization that hasn’t accomplished much of anything since the Korean War is the same thing as an evil American empire snatching bread from the mouths of third-world orphans. But it’s more like refusing to keep paying your deadbeat roommate’s share of the water bill and then having to listen to him complain about you “holding it over his head.”

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