Trump signs temporary spending bill as budget talks intensify


We spend plenty on the military. The problem is the politicians want the military to do too much. On this one the Democrats are correct. The Pentagon doesn’t need another $200 billion over 2 years.

The Pentagon doesn’t know where the money it already gets goes.

Conservatives keep giving “Defense” a pass. They have since World War 2. This must change. We don’t have another $200 BILLION to give these guys. The military is big government too. Some of the very biggest in fact. “Conservatives” are supposed to be against big government.

(From Reuters)

Much of the negotiation centers around Republican demands for increased military spending. Democrats say the Pentagon does need more money, but they argue that an array of other domestic programs also face shortfalls.

A senior Senate Democratic aide said on Friday that the negotiators are trying to figure out how to divide up $200 billion over two years in additional funding.

That much of a spending increase is setting off alarms among conservative Republicans.

Representative Mark Meadows, who heads the House Freedom Caucus comprised of about three dozen of some of the most conservative members of Congress, said that $70 billion to $80 billion in added spending would be more reasonable.

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