War between Trump, media set to intensify (Let’s be honest here, it’s not “the media” it’s CNN, MSNBC, NYT, and WaPo)


Look, Trump has had a better year than I thought. Not because I thought he was incapable of having a good year, but because the so called “deep state” and the #oldmedia so loathe him as an agent of change and I thought they would be an even bigger challenge than they turned out to be.

I also feared that Trump might go on some kind of “right” flavored big government binge. (I didn’t really fear it, but it was possible.) That has not been the case. I feared that Sessions would go nuts on legal pot. He hasn’t thankfully. (If he did that would spell doom politically.)

What has happened is we got a solid constitutionalist in Gorsuch on the Supreme Court, (as opposed to someone who would likely have undermined the Constitution if nominated by Clinton) a tax reform law that likely will only get more popular with time, an exposed media complex, and a generally improving (at least for the moment) economy. There is legitimate optimism out there now. The first time I’ve really felt it at a national level in my adult life.

Grading on the curve that every libertarian must grade a president (all presidents have far too much power) one has to give the guy decent marks. At the very least the gloom of the Obama years is dissipating and that is a good thing.

And all this in the face of the deep state and the #oldmedia. That has got to be infuriating and the acting out will, as The Hill explains, likely intensify. They can’t let Trump win. They just can’t. Because they went all in with what they thought was a winning hand. 

But hey, who knows. Maybe Mueller comes up with something substantial. If he does that would be a problem not just for Trump but for the country. Obviously.

(From The Hill)

Donald Trump’s unconventional presidency has roiled the media landscape, creating new dynamics that will play a major role in shaping his second year in office.

Some of the leading names in print journalism and cable news have taken an unusually adversarial approach to covering Trump, leading to charges of bias and sparking a debate within the industry about whether the president is being covered fairly.

Trump has responded by doing away with media interviews and press conferences almost entirely, even as he and his allies launch near-daily attacks on the media’s credibility.

I do not see how anyone can listen to NPR, or watch MSNBC or CNN and not see the unhinged (a word to retire in 2018, at least for the year) “reporting” on the president. These people really do think they are doing something good for the world. They all think they are Woodward and Bernstein. They all think that this is their shot at the big time. Slow down, sanctimonious correspondent, your just news people.

Under the leadership of Jeff Zucker — who hired Trump while at NBC for the highly rated reality program “The Apprentice” in 2004 — the network is running one ad campaign accusing the president of being a liar and a second that showcases its anchors lecturing administration officials.

This is NBC doing this. Home of the outed lier Brian Williams (Who is still on the network!), Matt Lauer, and run by Jeff Zucker, formerly of CNN who one got his teenaged son, he was 15, on the board of Senator Cory Booker’s start-up company. (The kid ‘resigned’ after this was exposed.) And ZUCKER is lecturing the president?

CNN boss (and former head of NBC Universal) Jeff Zucker’s son, 15, resigns hours after it’s revealed Cory Booker’s (who is running for Senate) start up put him on the advisory board and gave him stock options


And the thing that gets the #oldmedia is that Trump knows them. He knows their world. He knows how corrupt they are. And the media people hate that they don’t have the trust of the American people anymore. They are no longer the gatekeepers of information. Trump merely says what many of us have known for years and years, namely that the #oldmedia is full of itself. It has a political agenda that reflects New York, the Northeast, and Los Angeles. (Not even San Fransisco really.) It cares little for America at large.

As an uncompromising 1st Amendment advocate (The ACLU and I see pretty closely on lots of stuff, at least on speech and the press.) I have never felt that the president was attacking “the press” or “the media.” He is justly attacking a fat and happy (less happy these days) industry that deserves to be attacked. It abuses its customers, plays them for rubes (especially NPR, and MSNBC the followers of which like to think of themselves as anything but rubes), and seeks to advance a perpetually big government Left/corporatist agenda.

The reason the #oldmedia flipped out fundamentally with Trump is that he is the anti-Hillary. Many people within the media/government complex were primed for very lucrative and powerful years. Think of George Stephanopoulos, the Clinton hack who somehow became an ABC anchor? (He even gave Hillary $50K for her campaign. While reporting “the news.”) There were lots of winks and nods that could not come to fruition because of the Trump win. And that KILLS some people in the media. They have brownstone payments to keep up.

CNN recently tapped journalist Brian Karem — who sometimes writes for Playboy and was little known until he had an explosive argument with press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders at a press briefing — to be a regular contributor on the network.

The combative exchanges have led to accusations of grandstanding within the Washington press corps, a charge the White House leveled when it briefly stopped broadcasting the daily press briefings.

CNN once had a reputation as the mainstream alternative to right-wing Fox News and left-wing MSNBC, but the network will head into 2018 as the poster child for what many on the right view as media bias and hysteria around the Trump presidency.

Hysteria is right. You guys lost. You wanted Hillary to win. Why do you think Trump and a good part of the American public now dismiss you out of hand? You are not credible. You blew up whatever shreds of credibility you had long ago. You don’t want to be anything close to fair. You want to get even. You want to put Trump and perhaps more importantly for many in the #oldmedia, the “deplorables” back in what you think are their places.

Sorry #oldmedia but that ain’t gonna happen. We (The People) have your number.

One last thing. Is there anyone whinier on TV than Seth Meyers? Who watches that guy?

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