When pro-Clinton trolls went after me during the election




Trolls, trolls, trolls. They are everywhere. Some are paid. Most are not. We’ve got our own crop here. We watch them and mess with them as makes sense. If they’re just total jerks they just get the old heave ho.

(From The Hill)

A couple of those articles included quotes from staffers at Priorities USA, the principal pro-Clinton super PAC, pledging a “multimillion-dollar digital campaign that talks about …how a vote for a third-party candidate is a vote for Donald Trump.”

Who knows how many millions of dollars were actually spent on that effort? Political junkie grape-vine estimates ranged from $10 million to $50 million — even on the low end, the amount probably equalled the total amount spent by our entire campaign.

It was a nuke, and the fallout was both immediate and significant.

Almost overnight, a virtual army of trolls suddenly discovered our Facebook pages and Twitter feeds — eerily parroting the “a vote for Johnson is a vote for Trump” line. Mysteriously, a number of pro-Clinton and progressive “news” sites all appeared to find and distort the same out-of-context Gary Johnson quotes from years before, treating them as new revelations.

Of course, with a few million dollars’ worth of digital “campaigning”, it wasn’t long before the mainstream media got in on the act, parroting the parrots…

…The point is this: When it comes to election manipulation via social media and the Internet at the hands of organized, well-funded “campaigns,” let’s put it in perspective. If the Russians do it, I guess that’s bad. If the Republicans or Democrats do it, I guess it’s OK.

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