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Year: 2018
Winning a Few Battles in the War on Big Government

The war on big government and crony capitalism may never be won, but retiring GOP chairman of the House Financial Services Committee Jeb Hensarling can take satisfaction in the overhaul of Dodd-Frank and eliminating earmarks as small battles won.

China Factory Activity Shrinks for First Time in over Two Years

(From Reuters) China’s factory activity contracted for the first time in over two years in December, highlighting the challenges facing Beijing as it seeks to end a bruising trade war with Washington and reduce the risk of a sharper economic...

Russia Detains American in Moscow over Suspected Spying

(From Reuters) Russia’s domestic security service (FSB) said on Monday it had detained an American citizen suspected of spying in Moscow. [The FSB] did not provide any detail about the nature of the alleged espionage.

Why the Bernie Movement Must Crush Beto O’Rourke

(From New York Magazine) Sanders attracts the intense support of a small left-wing intellectual vanguard who see American politics in fundamentally different terms than most Democrats do. The primary struggle in American politics as they see it is not...

Jeffries: Trump’s border wall request ‘a ransom note’

(From Politico) The president has requested roughly $5 billion from congressional Democrats for a barrier along the southern border, while Democrats have offered $1.3 billion for a variety of border security measures. Their inability to strike a deal by midnight...