2018 Grammys Had The Lowest Ratings Ever As Award Show Turns Political

Now the Sex Pistols knew how to alienate people the RIGHT way.


In fairness pop music is pretty boring right now. Bruno Mars is fun and there are a couple of other bright spots. But there isn’t much excitement in the business. The low ratings weren’t just because everyone knew that the awards show was going to be another whine-fest.

What I don’t get is why the entertainment industry, an industry that directly relies on the public to buy its products, seems so intent on alienating its customers.

It is possible that the entertainment folks in LA and New York have just been locked in their bubbles for so long now that they’ve just lost touch with broader America. But the longer they stay out of touch the lower the ratings will ultimately go.

(From Zerohedge)

According to the Hollywood Reporter, the CBS telecast was down a staggering 21% from 2017 – potentially an all time low.

This mirrors the slide in NFL ratings that several surveys have attributed to players’ decisions to kneel during games.

Overnight returns from Nielsen Media give it a 12.7 rating among households – marking its biggest drop since 2013, the year after audience numbers swelled as people tuned in for a tribute for the then-recently deceased Whitney Houston.

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