A man from Uganda offers us some wise perspective


I find Africa very interesting. And in a very broad statement I can say that I often find people from Africa to be engaging and friendly. And Africa is a big continent. West Africa, East Africa, more often than not I have found folks who are interested in this country and who are happy to share what they know of their home countries.

I talked to a guy from Liberia at the gas station just a couple of weeks ago. He’d been in the country for a month. (He was working the register.) He was nice, and had more of a “southern friendly” vibe than many of the Northern Virginians who have moved to my town.

The developing world is complex and it’s not all a disaster. Saying this, I think the brouhaha around Trump’s “sh–hole” statement, made in a private meeting, is ridiculous. (That Trump spoke plainly in front of someone like Dick Durban was stupid.) And the truth is I’ll bet many people from some of the more challenged areas of the world would privately agree with the president. There’s a reason they came here after all.