We at AC2 NEWS value All of our readers. We encourage a robust discussion from different perspectives. We respect everyone and all we ask is that our readers show the site and other readers at the site the same respect.

We have been slow to ban people here. We do not like cutting people off. There is nothing wrong with having an opinion that is not the same as ours. In fact differing opinions can make a site much more interesting. Particularly if a site (like ours) seeks to actually address significant and often nuanced issues. Sometimes, gasp, something can actually be learned.

What’s the point of preaching to the choir? We believe that crony capitalism, the fusion of private interests, business, unions, pressure groups, and the state should be an issue of concern for anyone who believes in civil society.

However some people have abused the good will at AC2 News.

Now, if one engages in personal attacks, starts shooting off about how an article is false without even reading it (it happens with both mainstream political camps), is threatening to another reader, or just seeks to crash legitimate conversations with hyperbole, we aren’t going to warn you before we ban you.

We have in the past. We won’t going forward.If you feel you can’t adhere to these very simple, and we think fair, rules of engagement we ask that you leave now.

Otherwise please discuss! Disagree! Engage. But be respectful. It’s a reasonable thing to ask and we – going forward – will insist on it.